Fabric Drop – Loving Lace


I can not get over my passion for lace fabrics right now so you can understand that this weeks collection is right up there with my favourites. Let’s get into showing you these four Loving Lace beauties.

OMG, this stunning lace is a smooth grey with a hint of lilac, corded with a soft fibre rope Corneille overlay. It is so soft and luxurious I cannot get over how much I love this. I am making a simple bomber jacket style cover-up in this, and I can’t wait to wear it!

Don’t you just love the unusual colourway of this printed stretch lace? The pops of yellow with the coral make it super summery. There are also hints of green and blue in there too. I think it would be so beautiful as a summer cover up or something racier like a bralette!

Talking of yellow, is this not The. Most. Gorgeous. Shade of lemon you have ever seen! This lace is incredibly soft and has a beautiful drape, with a little stretch thrown in for good measure. We have a matching Crepe to go with it which is equally yummy. However, I really like the idea of popping a white fabric in behind that yellow and making the design of the lace really pop!

My Loving Lace collection may be small, but it is mighty, I adore every one of these pieces, and I hope you will too. We are almost at the end of our first batch of collections, I have really enjoyed choosing fabric this way and I have already lined up an amazing bunch for the next batch. Check out my previous collections Spring Fling, Cosy and Cool or Fashion Week. Head over to Sew Crafty and check out this collection and al the other beautiful new dress fabrics, you won’t regret it, but your bank account might!

Sammy xxx

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