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We have this awesome palm print fabric in at Sew Crafty HQ and I knew as soon as I saw it that it was the one I had to use for this project. Then I couldn’t decide if I wanted a shopper style or a clutch bag, so I made both!

This fabric is a little heavier than the normal fabric we have in my shop, it is more like a light weight canvas, so I would recommend using sturdy fabrics for this one, or re-enforcing it with interfacing to give it more strength if you are using a normal cotton fabric. Lets get into the how to!

To make your own shopper/beach bag and matching clutch you will need: 1/2 a metre of canvas weight fabric, 2.8 metres of cotton webbing, 1/2 a metre of bias binding or tape, a 25cm zip, poppers or kam plastic fasteners, good scissors, sewing machine, thread and pins.

1. Start by looping your webbing around and joining the two ends together to create your strap.
2. Cut out a rectangle of your canvas fabric 45cm by 70cm and hem the two shortest ends.
3. Lay out your main fabric and mark the middle of the hemmed edges and pin your strap in place 4-5cm away from the centre pin. Then pull the strap across the body of the bag to the other hemmed edge and again measure 4-5cm and pin the strap in place. Do the same for the other side of the strap evening out the webbing to make the straps the same length on both ends.
4. Sew along the length of the strap to attach it to the body of the bag.

5. Fold the body of the bag, with right sides facing and measure a 4cm square into the bottom corner and mark it with pins.6. Pin up the open edges of the bag above the square you have just marked. Sew up from the edge of the square to the top of the bag to join the sides together.  Then repeat on the other side.7. Cut out the square you marked out in the bottom corner.8. Fold out the bottom of the bag so the side seam is in the centre of the cuts you have made and the square is now straight across.9. Sew along the opening joining the two edges together to create the base of your shopper bag. Then turn your bag right side out.
10. To make the clutch bag (or I use it as a bag to hold my valuables in the open shopper bag) start by cutting another piece of fabric 25cm by 30 cm, then take your zip and pin it with the teeth to the right side of the fabric. Un-zip the zip half way and repeat with the other side. 11. Sew the zip in place then fold the zip open from the fabric and top stitch the fabric down to the zip tape. 12. Take your bias tape and fold it over and sew along the edges to give it some extra body.

13. Insert the tab you have made from the tape into the clutch, making sure you leave a cm or so sticking out.
14. Sew straight down both sides of the clutch bag and cut away any excess fabric
15. Turn the clutch the right way out.
16. Sew or use your popper tool to attach one side of your popper to the end of the tab nearest the bag and the other side of the popper on the far end.

You can then use the loop tab as a wrist strap or you can attach it around the handle of your shopper to keep your valuables safer. 

Fabric Drop – Naughty Nautical

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This week’s main collection is Naughty Nautical and I’m sure you can see why it is a beautiful selection of breezy blues and denim.

This blue crinkle stripe is perfect for wrap dresses and wide leg trousers as it has the perfect amount of drape and is so lightweight it will feel so comfy to wear.

I have been waiting for this fabric for so long and when she finally arrived I wasn’t disappointed. A soft medium blue denim embroidered with a soft ivory floral design how could I resist! I am planning a vest top with a deep ruffle but it would also look amazing as a jacket or even shorts.

This is another of those yummy soft ribbed jerseys that we have in a few other colours, I thought a classic Navy would be a perfect addition to the pack.

The second denim in the collection is this classic stripe, again I had wide leg culottes in mind for this, with a classic white tee they would be a wardrobe staple for years.

I know we already have one tie-dye blue fabric in a previous collection but as soon as I felt this viscose I just had to have it, it is possibly the softest thing I have ever felt, and the tie-dye is in the most beautiful blues.

The final piece of this collection is this lightweight stripe jersey, again perfect for summer basics, tops, skirts and dresses.

I love the classic nature of all of these pieces, they will make beautiful wardrobe staples that will last the test of time. Head over to Sew Crafty to grab yourself some of your favourites.

Sammy xx

Fabric Drop – Neon Sunset

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I wanted to talk a little bit today about the newest batch of fabrics we have on Sew Crafty, these are some of the brightest I have chosen in a while and it is mostly because I have some fun plans for these myself. I have been working on sewing underwear and more specifically bras for the last few months and wanted to make some more brightly coloured pieces, because why not. Also I have  thing for teal and orange.

First up in this mini collection is this gorgeous Jade jersey, it has a lovely texture which will make it super flattering. 

This beautiful corded lace is almost a perfect match for the jade jersey but it has a slightly bluer tone, I still think it would work well as a complimentary fabric to the jersey. I love it because it is not a floral lace, and will make really pretty over or underwear.

My next pic was this peachy stretch lace, it is the same as the bright yellow lace that we had in a previous collection, it is so soft and has great stretch.

Last but not least is this loud printed stretch lace, perfectly combining the teal and orange colours that I love. Its a floral print but I think there is something kind of leopard print about it… just me? Okay. I still love it and already cut out the pieces of a bralette in this.

Which of these lovelies is your favourite, do you like lace or are you not really a fan? would you make your own underwear? let me know I would love to hear your thoughts.

Sammy xxx


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Ever since I spent a week driving to and from Austria a couple of years ago I have loved weaving. I took a small loom and some yarn in the car and learnt a few basic techniques whilst my Husband drove down the autobahn.  I have loved learning a new crafty skill and really enjoy being able to do something with wool and fibres that I wouldn’t knit or crochet with.

Anyway, I recently saw a pin that made me very excited. It showed an embroidery hoop being used as a round loom! My little mind was blown (it doesn’t take much these days) after some research I had a go and now I am hooked on weaving all over again.

Now that I have practised a little, I thought it would be something that you guys might like to try too. Once you have the basics down I bet you will be as addicted as me!

You will need: An embroidery hoop (the one I have used here is a 10″) strong string or thread, a selection of yarns, a wool needle or bodkin and some small scissors.

Step 1. Take the outer ring off the hoop and put it to one side, take the thread and tie it around the edge of the inner hoop leaving a inch or so of thread to tie later.
Step 2. Pull the thread straight down over the bottom of the opposite edge of the hoop, take it over the edge and to the back.
Step 3. Bring the thread up and over the downward thread.
Step 4. Then bring the thread over the front of the hoop about 1 inch away from where you started.

Step 5. Continue taking the thread over the edge and over the other side in a figure of 8.
Step 6. Make sure to keep the centre crossing over, until you reach all the way around the hoop.
Step 7. Before threading the last strand take the thread around the centre a couple of times to keep it all together.
Step 8. Take the last strand up to meet the first thread and tie it to the end you left at the beginning.

Step 9. It should look something like this, you can choose to put your threads closer together but I would start with them at this width as it doesn’t take too long to finish.
Step 10. Starting at the centre, take a length of yarn on a wool needle and start threading in and out through the strands.
Step 11. Keep threading in and out back and forth.
Step 12. Use your needle to keep the yarn tight to the centre and keep moving around the hoop.

Step 13. To finish off each colour simply thread the yarn back down in through the previous layers and snip away the excess.
Step 14. Keep going, changing colour when you want to. Mix it up with different colours and textures to keep it interesting.

These are some ideas for simple versions using regular and chunky yarns but they would also look great with some more textured yarns, ribbons or fabric scraps. You can of course take them out of the hoops and use them as place mats and coasters, but I love the look of them as art on my walls in the hoops. They would bring a quick splash of colour to any space for very little cost, always a winner in my book!

For more instructions on weaving and different kinds of techniques check out this cool blog The Weaving Room, Kate has lots of really great tutorials and videos on lots of different kinds of weaving.
As always, if you have a go at this tutorial please #livelovemake on Instagram or Twitter, as we would love to see them.
Sammy xxx

Fabric Drop – Spot On

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I have been spending the last few weeks sorting out the next batch of fabric collections and the first one to drop is Spot On. There have been so many lust-worthy spotty garments on my wishlist lately that I couldn’t resist putting together a fabric collection for Sew Crafty so I can create my perfect spot wrap dress. You know I love a bit of monochrome so let’s dive into the fabrics.

First up is this classic black with white spot crinkle crepe. It is soft, with a lovely drape and a little bit of comfortable stretch.  Be quick if you want a piece of this because I have my eye on it for wide leg trousers.

If you prefer your dots on a lighter fabric why not choose this white with black spot georgette. Light and airy but still classic and classy. A beautiful shirt with a neck bow or a simple summer skirt that will last you a lifetime.

The key to making an on-trend piece is mixing and matching your spots, both in size and colour so I managed to get two lovely mini dot georgettes to compliment those bigger dotty fabrics. They are both lovely quality georgettes even the white with black spot wouldn’t need a lining, depending on what you are making of course. Pairing these with their bigger spotted matching fabrics as a ruffle or a trim would add an instant update to an existing garment too.

Last up is this fun spotty white mesh fabric, I think it would make really cute ruffles on a simple white t-shirt or if you are feeling cheeky it would work beautifully for underwear.

Which is your fave of this bunch? I really don’t think I can decide which is my top choice, I am so glad that mix and match is a thing so I don’t have to.

Sammy xxx


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 I wanted to create a tutorial for you that used home grown fabric.  I love American fabric designers like Robert Kaufman, but am still so in love with British company Dashwood Studio. We stock their fabric in my shop Sew Crafty and they are a great seller for us, our customers love that they are a British company using British designers.
David Sweet (Awesome name), director of Dashwood was kind enough to tell me a little about their company.
Dashwood is just over a year old , its been exciting. We have had a lovely reception from customers . I think the domestic market was eager for a home grown fabric company producing quality contemporary collections. We only use UK designers , there are so many talented artists here , they bring a different aesthetic to the design process, its a nice alternative to all the American fabrics companies .I worked in the States as creative director for a textile company before opening Dashwood, the time there opened my eyes,  the way they promote the designers,  embrace technology , market the products , so much more professional than here . Some of this thinking we definitely bought to Dashwood
You may have already seen that we used Dashwood Studio fabrics in our feature for Mollie Makesand again for this project I have used their Petit Street collection. 

This is the mess of tangled cables and gadgets and thingys that usually lurk at the bottom of my bag or in a pocket if I am lucky, some live on my desk and they are nearly always tangled. Fun huh! I have been waiting to make this piece for ages and playing around with the design and when packing for my holiday I just bit the bullet and made one up. the solution to my untidy cable issues.  A Home and Away Cable Cosy.

You will need: Two 1/2 metre pieces of contrasting fabrics, 1/2 metre medium weight iron on interfacing, 10” zip, thread, poppers, elastic, a small belt clasp, 30cm of felt, scissors, iron, sewing machine and pins.
As always you can make this project without a sewing machine, by hand sewing your pieces together.

Start by making yourself a zip accessories pouch, I used the same technique as we did in the make-up bag tutorial we did last year. Start by cutting two pieces of each of your fabrics, I cut mine 23cm x15cm. Iron on interfacing to the fabric you want to use for your lining. Then pop your zip in-between the two right-sides of your lining and outside fabric facing up towards the outside fabric. Sew the zip in place. Fold both pieces back and repeat on the other side of the zip.

Fold the second lot of pieces back and run a line of top stitching to hold the fabrics away from the zip teeth when the pouch is in use. Now undo the zip halfway. Once you have done that, take the two outer pieces and the two lining pieces and pin them together facing each other. Sew all the way around the outside and the lining leaving a small 7cm opening in the lining. Turn the whole thing inside out and hand sew up the hole in the lining before pushing the lining inside the pouch.
To make the cable tidy part of the cosy, cut two larger pieces of your fabrics 25cm x 45cm and iron on some interfacing to the lining fabric – again to give it a little more body.  Then pin two rows of elastic along the longer length, mine were about 7cm apart. Sew the elastic at between 2-3cm spacing all the way down the length, varying the spacing as you go to fit larger and smaller cables, across both rows of elastic. Then sew one side of your popper into place about a third of the way up and about 3cm in. 

Take a small length of elastic and your belt clasp and loop the clasp onto the elastic then sandwich that at the top edge between your two fabrics right sides facing.  I also added a layer of felt to the sandwich to help give a little protection to my cables if I am taking it around with me. Sew all the way around all of the layers, leaving about a 5cm gap at the end. Turn the whole piece inside out then sew all the way around the outside with a neat top stitch. attach the other end of the buckle with some more elastic and attach it on the outside of the cosy.

If like me you are using a directional fabric, think about which direction it will be facing when it is folded as well as when it is hung up, I wish I had made mine the other way as you can’t really see that it is the right way up when it is hanging and it looks upside down when it is folded up on the outside.

Also don’t forget to stitch the poppers onto the zipped pouch so you can attach it when it’s hanging or take it off if you need to take it out with you.

There you have it, a cable tidy/ gadget accessories cosy that can hang neatly under your desk and come out with you when you need to travel with your tech.

I put all my cables in the elasticated tidy section and smaller items like memory cards, my Juice cubeand plugs can go in the pouch.

Mine now lives happily on a contact hook under my desk most of the time, but neatly fits in my hand bag or camera bag for when I am out and about. I love that I can also just pop a few accessories in the zip pouch if I don’t need all my cables on the go. 

Do you have a favourite British fabric company? or fabric designer? Do your cables end up like mine? Will you be making yourself a cable cosy? Or maybe making a bunch for Christmas gifts? (sorry I mentioned the C word) If you do, post a pic and #livelovemake so we can see!

We have added a PDF of this project so you can download and keep it for future reference.

Fabric Drop – Garden Party

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We are at the last of my fabric collections for a few weeks, We have just had two huge deliveries of all the material I bought at Stitches trade show in February, so I have a tonne of work ahead of me photographing and listing all the fabric for the next batch of collections. Garden Party has some stunning fabrics as part of it, three floral feature fabrics and two supporting plains.

This fabric is an unusual colour choice for me, I am not normally drawn to beige tones but I just couldn’t resist this stretch lace. It really reminded me of something I saw in the Zac Posen S/S 18 collection. It is so soft and would be really pretty layered over a lighter or darker lining.

First of the supporting fabrics is another of our fabulously versatile crinkle georgette in olive green.  We have this in a few other colours at the moment and I really want to make something in it, I’m thinking a loose collarless shirt or maybe a maxi skirt?

You can’t go wrong with Peonies for spring can you!? This stretch cotton was sent to me in the wrong colourway but I actually love it more than the original one I chose. This would make amazing pencil dresses, matched with a pretty pink cardi or jacket.

The second supporting fabric is this gorgeously understated khaki green textured jersey. Now, you know I love a textured jersey for its forgiving, flattering nature and I cannot get enough khaki green in my life so this was a winner for me.

Last but not least is this white cornelli net fabric, it will make the perfect summer cover up for everything from holidays to weddings.  On its own or over a coloured lining it will make a gorgeous garment.

That’s it for now, over forty new fabrics to inspire your spring wardrobe. Check out the other collections Loving Lace, Spring Fling or Cosy and Cool. Then head on over to my online fabric shop Sew Crafty to check out all the newest additions and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about new stock when it arrives.

Sammy xxx

Fabric Drop – Loving Lace

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I can not get over my passion for lace fabrics right now so you can understand that this weeks collection is right up there with my favourites. Let’s get into showing you these four Loving Lace beauties.

OMG, this stunning lace is a smooth grey with a hint of lilac, corded with a soft fibre rope Corneille overlay. It is so soft and luxurious I cannot get over how much I love this. I am making a simple bomber jacket style cover-up in this, and I can’t wait to wear it!

Don’t you just love the unusual colourway of this printed stretch lace? The pops of yellow with the coral make it super summery. There are also hints of green and blue in there too. I think it would be so beautiful as a summer cover up or something racier like a bralette!

Talking of yellow, is this not The. Most. Gorgeous. Shade of lemon you have ever seen! This lace is incredibly soft and has a beautiful drape, with a little stretch thrown in for good measure. We have a matching Crepe to go with it which is equally yummy. However, I really like the idea of popping a white fabric in behind that yellow and making the design of the lace really pop!

My Loving Lace collection may be small, but it is mighty, I adore every one of these pieces, and I hope you will too. We are almost at the end of our first batch of collections, I have really enjoyed choosing fabric this way and I have already lined up an amazing bunch for the next batch. Check out my previous collections Spring Fling, Cosy and Cool or Fashion Week. Head over to Sew Crafty and check out this collection and al the other beautiful new dress fabrics, you won’t regret it, but your bank account might!

Sammy xxx

Fabric Drop – Spring Fling

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Despite the weather trying to tell us otherwise, Spring is on its way and this weeks fabric collection has some perfect snow day antidotes. Pastel tones and florals for spring…. groundbreaking, I hear you cry, but there is a reason that they are the epitome of this season.

This beautiful bubble satin is anything but 90’s bridesmaid material. It is a soft silky dream, and that texture gives it a sophisticated edge in two of my favourite colours at the moment, Army Green and Dusty Blue. I have a pajama-style shirt planned for this blue and potentially a simple dress in the green.

This Scuba Crepe jersey is the most stunning shade of rose pink, that shade that would suit anybody, and being a jersey, it would be so flattering. A simple skater dress or a long line lightweight jacket would be fantastic.

Is there anything more spring than Blush Crepe de Chine! I loved this so much I bought twice as much as I usually would for the shop because I want to try and re-create a dress from Alexander McQueen and this is the perfect fabric to use. If you can’t be a little selfish when choosing materials to sell in your shop then why do it at all!

This is another catwalk inspired choice, chartreuse was an accent colour that was all over the catwalks in New York and London for spring 2018, and this yummy crepe de chine captured the tone so beautifully. I think this would look stunning under a black lace fabric, or paired with khaki, navy or stone.

This Liberty inspired printed chiffon is dreamy! It was on the top of my buying list because it reminded me so much of an Alice and Olivia floaty 70’s style summer dress. I have an idea for a top with some pretty sleeves or a layered skirt.

Last but not least is this classic ivory crinkle georgette, we have this in a few colours now, and I am looking forward to making a loose everyday open neck shirt with this. I feel it would be something I would wear over and over again, so I am planning on taking my time and using French seams and finishing it carefully so it will last.

I love how these fabrics look together even more than any of the other collections. Something about the tones and how they play together, they speak to me.

Check out the Spring Fling collection and all the other newest fabrics over on Sew Crafty now.

Sammy xxx

Fabric Drop – Cosy & Cool

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This weeks fabric collection might just be my favourite, I know I say that every time but honestly I love all the fabrics we have coming in right now. They make me so happy as I feel like every single piece inspires me and I haven’t felt that in so long. Now I think the reason I love this group of fabrics so much is that they are all such gorgeous colours and textures. So let’s get started, shall we?
Just in case you missed it, Blush pink is EVERYWHERE right now and shows no sign of going away soon so why not embrace it with this soft pink ribbed jersey in a kind of nude blush colour. There is no doubt that there is something so comforting about this shade of pink.
Next up is another shade of pink, this time rosier but still just as appealing. This is in a Rose mini ribbed jersey, and it is as soft and cosy as the one above. I mean this screams loungewear to me, what do you think?
Nothing says relaxing more than a grey marl jersey, am I right? And this ribbed one is the perfect shaIt’sof grey. It’s not quite as soft as the others, but I am planning a pair of summer PJ’s in this anyway as I am pretty sure it will soften up with washing. I am guessing they will get a lot of wear as soon as they are finished!
This Lavender ribbed jersey is the most beautiful shade of lilac/blue/grey, but it also means it is tricky to get a photograph to do it justice. Again it is super soft and cosy, and I think maybe a cardigan or a wrap top in this would be a great spring make.
The only fabric in this group that isn’t a jersey is this leopard print stretch cotton, and I popped it in with the pastel tones as I think it compliments the soft colours beautifully. A little pair of summer shorts in this with a vest or t-shirt in one of the ribbed jerseys would be so sweet.
As soon as I saw this Floral Scuba I knew I had to have it, it reminds me of a print by Ted Baker or Coast, and the colours are beautiful. It is a lightweight fabric so it would make fabulous dresses or skirts. I am thinking of making a Cashmerette Rivermont dress in this, maybe not the whole thing but at least a panel, or perhaps the peplum?
The mini ribbed jersey also comes in black, and I am pretty sure this is going to be a popular choice for a lot of you. You can’t go wrong with a good black ribbed jersey fabric.
This last striped ribbed jersey was a last minute choice for me, it’s not something I would usually choose but there was something so nostalgic about it, there is a real 90’s vibe that I just couldn’t ignore, and I am happy I didn’t. Now that it is here I like it. I’m not sure what I have in store for it yet, but I know this is going to be good.
So that’s the latest arrivals into the shop, head over to Sew Crafty to get your hands on them for your spring makes now.
Sammy x