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You may have noticed a few new pics showing up on our fabric listings lately, we have been trying to come up with a way to share with you all a little inspiration an incite into what we have in mind when we choose our fabrics. Like we used to with our shop window when we had one. We don’t want to influence your decisions but we do want to show you what we are envisioning when we see a fabric and decide to order it in to sell. We want to help you if you love a fabric but aren’t sure what you would create with it, what the possibilities are and what it would work well for.

Now that we are only online we want to keep finding new ways to connect with you and encourage your creativity with our products. I hope you find the ‘get the look’ images inspiring and help you to make some fun, maybe different decisions about the fabrics that you buy from us. do let us know if there are looks you would be interested in seeing or fabrics that you want to see us stock, we are always on the look out for new designs.



Inspired by: Embroidery

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We are loving all the embroidery that is around at the moment. It is one of our favourite ways to embellish clothing and accessories. Floral embroidery is a beautiful, traditional way of decorating but you don’t have to stick to flowers to add a little whimsy to your wardrobe. all you need to get started is your own item of clothing, a needle and thread. It is so simple but can add a really special touch to your garments.

These examples are a few of our current faves. Check out some more on our Inspired Embellishments board and follow us over on Pinterest. Shop for embroidery supplies in our online store in the Embroidery category. Why not check out our sister blog Live it. Love it. Make it. for some stitch-spiration.

Sammy xxx


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At this May’s Handmade Fair, Sammy and her bessie mate H from Live it Love it Make it will take to the main stage to go up against long time pal (but current arch nemesis) Fran from Fall for DIY in a battle of creativity!

If you already have tickets then we’ll see you there! But if you’d like to win tickets for yourself, or maybe so some pals can join you, enter our giveaway below! Winner will be announced in the next newsletter on the 6th of April. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for entering! xx

Any questions please email

Ragged Life Tool Kit Review

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First off, if you’re new to Rag Rugging, or need a little reminder, here is the lovely Elspeth from Ragged Life with an intro:

After falling in love with Elspeth’s rugs and cushions at this years Stitches I just had to get my hands on a kit and have a go. Here’s how I got on. If you would like to grab your own Ragged Life kit, click here now!

When you get the starter kit from Sew Crafty you get everything you need. Hemmed hessian shaped for a cushion or a rug (I chose a rug and actually its a really good sized rug for a starter kit!); a pen to mark out patterns if thats your bag, a rag rugging hook, a wooden gauge cutting tool for the shaggy rug, instruction booklet and an instruction dvd (not in shot), and it all comes in a cute little bag! Smashing! The scissors in the photo are mine, and they are not the best. I’m saving up for Sammy’s Rose Gold Dressmaking Scissors 😉

I quickly learned that the cute little bag is super useful to keep the tools together, as well as all the rags I cut up for the next time I work on my rug.

I had a read through the booklet first and found that there are two versions of rag rugging explained in this kit. The first being the looped version, involving long strips of rags, but I chose the shaggy one, partly because I think it would look cuter for a first rug, and partly so I could use the gauge tool too!

So I think I’ve got this. Time to go through the back of the wardrobe for old bits and bobs to cut up! Yay! I was a teenage goth, that didn’t quite disappear in my 20s, so I have ALOT of black I don’t wear any more. So that shall be my base colour I think! I don’t think I’m going to try a pattern just yet, so I think just a mainly black rug, with some highlights in grey and purple might work? Lets do this!

Luckily I had some stripey stuff I was cutting up, but the instruction suggest cutting strips of a 2 to 3 cms to create the rag strips out of fabric. I started cutting along the length, but I was using really light jersey with slightly blunt scissors so this started to prove difficult. Instead I rolled up the fabric and cut all the way through. Nice and quick and easy, my favourite words!


The latch hook is unlike any craft tool I’ve ever come across but its genius! I wasn’t expecting it to look like it does at all. And I kind of thought it might be broken when I first got it out. It has a recognisable hook shape at the top, but about a down is a bit of metal on a hinge. I realised quickly it has a brilliant use. Following the instructions I grabbed a piece of rag, and pulled one end through with the hook. As I tried the hook caught on the hessian. Closing the latch over the fabric then pulling it through made the job 100% easier! The instructions mention taping down the latch if necessary, but I’m not quite sure what this means yet, I’ve not come across a reason to.

Okay so I’ve figured out the basic process. Not pictured is the following struggle:

I remembered hearing Elspeth saying at the show how forgiving rag rugging is and I guess I didn’t really know what that meant until I started making one. The instructions tell you to pop each rag next to each other in the next hole in the hessian. But I learnt pretty quickly that it might not be necessary. Depending on the thickness of the rag etc you can miss a few holes and it will still look spectacular. I tried so hard at first to be strict and neat but its really not that kind of craft. It feels so therapeutic and clever, I love it! I think if you love stuff like crochet and cross stitch you will LOVE rag rugging. Its got the same repetitive creativity, sence of acheivment and picture building about it. Here’s my first ever rug after maybe 3 evenings worth of rag rugging. What do you think?

 Here’s the back. The back’s always interesting right? You can see at the bottom where I started off doing every hole.

You really don’t need to though. And its pretty easy to go back and fill in bigger holes if you find them later.

Okay things I learnt:

  • Don’t stress. It’s so easy to redo anything or add later at any point.
  • Don’t fill out all the way to the edge. The nature of the beast is that if you keep to within the hem, the rags fan out over it anyway. I can imagine leaving the hem empty helps with the overall integrity of the rug as well.
  • Get some sharp scissors and be prepared for a mess!
  • Prepare lots of rags in advance of a session.
  • It probably takes the equivalent of maybe 7 tshirts to do a rug 100cm x 60cm so start hoarding now!

Enjoy! x



Sew Craft Design Team – New Members for 2017

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We had so much fun with the Sew Crafty Design Team last yeah that we decided to open it up again at the end of last year to welcome some new members. And here they are! Why not give them all a follow on Instagram??

@sewyorkshiretwist // @thoughtfultypes // @almostahippy

@missmaker // @sewpositivity // @emmakesandbakes

// @sewholchester //

 Sally is an avid Sewing Blogger and a Simplicity Sewing Expert. She previously made jewellery and cards for years and thought she would try something new so from late 2014 she’s been having a go at sewing and says she is totally hooked! 

        She’s a creative and energetic person who loves cute and quirky and she’s been married to her lovely husband Brian for 10 years and they have 2 terror of boys aged 9 and 4.

Follow Sally’s blog for all her latest projects:

Hannah has a passion for drawing, paper crafts, upcycling and sewing. She runs a few sewing groups for children and has aspirations of being a full-time illustrator one day. She would describe her sewing style as very experimental, often preferring to improvise her projects than follow a precise sewing pattern.

Follow Hannah’s creative adventures on her blog now:

Sewist, psychologist, Londoner, traveller.  Alexa loves making clothes, particularly using my her vintage patterns. She’s a little obsessed by 70s patterns and is currently trying not to drown under her fabric stash.

Follow Alexa over on her blog now:

Clare has been running Miss Maker for 6 years and juggles her time between looking after two little people; endless crafting, dressmaking and interiors projects of her own; providing an ever expanding range of sewing and craft courses; creating easy to use patterns for small projects; freelance craft writing and creating individual fabric commissions.

Check out Miss Maker on her website and blog now:

If she could get the scientists to invent a way for Elle to simultaneously sew, read a book, drink Earl Grey tea, hug an animal and be in another country instantly, she says that would be great.

Follow Elle’s exciting new adventures with her brand new website and studio set up over on

A lover for all things creative, Emma will try her hand at pretty much any craft including sewing, painting, spray-painting and calligraphy, to name just a few!

   Her Instagram and blog document her makes and DIYs, as well as championing her love for independent makers. Check it out here:

Rachel has always made things. From papercrafts and painting to embroidery and knitting but her biggest love is fabric and all it’s wonderful colours and textures. Her business, Handmade by Holchester, and blog,, celebrate fabric, creativity and the fun you can have when you combine them to make something unique.

So there they are! Our wonderful new members! We also have a few members from last year joining us again this year which we are so chuffed about! Click below in case you’re not already following them on Instagram too! All our  members will be using the hashtag #scdesignteam so make sure you check back to see how they’re doing on all their projects. We’ll also be featuring them in our newsletters, which are out every other Thursday! Sign up on right now!

@missdaisypatterns // @stitchitmama // @roodles_runique

@cotton_clara // @floralandfeather // @dominique.major

Excitinggg! xx

Collaboration of Joy! Sew Crafty Acrylic necklaces by Hello Sunshine

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We are so so chuffed to introduce you to these very special brand new acrylic necklaces in the shop and available to buy right now! Sammy has been working behind the scenes with a few amazing designer/makers lately. Including the very talented Jo of Hello Sunshine. If you haven’t heard of her, you must pop over to her website at the first available opportunity. Or find her on Instagram now @sunshine_jo. Her design eye and style are just brilliant, and we couldn’t wait to find an excuse to work with her. We hope you love them as much as we do, and maybe find it as hard as we have to pick a favourite! 😀


Each design is a limited edition, so worth grabbing your fave now while its still in stock

Each necklace comes in a luxe grey gift box and is perfect for your crafty sewist chum or relative, or maybe to stick on your wishlist this year?

Click each image to head straight to the corresponding listing. Go go go!

Sew Crafty Hello Sunshine acrylic necklaces necklace designer maker independent jewellery oversized oversize crafty sewist sewing Sew Crafty Hello Sunshine acrylic necklaces necklace designer maker independent jewellery oversized oversize crafty sewist sewing Sew Crafty Hello Sunshine acrylic necklaces necklace designer maker independent jewellery oversized oversize crafty sewist sewing Sew Crafty Hello Sunshine acrylic necklaces necklace designer maker independent jewellery oversized oversize crafty sewist sewing Sew Crafty Hello Sunshine acrylic necklaces necklace designer maker independent jewellery oversized oversize crafty sewist sewing Sew Crafty Hello Sunshine acrylic necklaces necklace designer maker independent jewellery oversized oversize crafty sewist sewing

Christmas at Sew Crafty

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We’re so excited that we can FINALLY legitimately talk about the dreaded C word now! Eee!

This year we have a very exciting and varied Christmas collection in the shop. Something for everyone we like to think! From the hard wearing budget fabrics, to the high end posh ones for gorgeous projects, plenty of buttons and tons of gifts for your craft loving friends and families! Feel free to peruse the Christmas Collection now, and maybe even make a list to send to Father Christmas? He shops here all the time don’t you know?

See below for almost everything new we have this year, though we are adding stuff every day so keep checking back!

Click any of the images for the corresponding listing and enjoy!




NEW IN: Dashwood Twist New Colours!

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Twist collection Four is the latest basic in 6 colours to compliment and co-ordinate with Dashwoods other collections and your latest sewing project!

100%cotton fabric by Dashwood Studio.

112cm 44”’ wide.


Designed and Printed in the United Kingdom.

Care instructions (from the manufacturer):

Machine wash cold (30°C), wash dark colours separately, no bleach. Tumble dry low, remove promptly, use warm iron.

We love the entire Dashwood Twist collection and are SO SO happy they’ve brought out these warm vibrant colours for winter! Lovely! Click the images above and below to go straight to the listing.


Our cotton fabrics are priced by the 1/2 metre.

For instance if you wish to buy 1 and a 1/2 metres set you quantity to 3.

Order will be cut in continuous lengths.

We will happily send samples for colour matching. You are limited to 3 free samples per order. Please call customer services on 01628 620703.



Sew Crafty Design Team – October Projects

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October was a busy busy month for our gorgeous Design Team. Hopefully by now you’ve got them all on Instagram and have been following their adventures. Here’s a handy round up of everything they got up to, where you can find their projects and exactly what they used and where you can get your own! Yes, VERY handy! So sit back, and get ready to peruse some pure gorgeous creativity and to make lots of notes and pins for your own gorgeous projects!

We have one more month of this round of Design Team projects, then we’re taking a break for December and starting round 2 in January! Exciting! If you’d like a chance to grab £100 worth of Sew Crafty stock to create your own projects with then drop us a line on with a wee bit about yourself and links to your websites/social media and we’ll let you know soon if you’ve made it onto the next round!

Meanwhile, here’s what the gang have been up to this month – Enjoy! x



Steph 1

Steph is @stitchitmama on Instagram.

This month Steph chose some gorgeous Dashwood Millefleur to create a unicorn and a pixie rider friend! Keep up to date with Steph on her Instagram and as soon as the full project is finished you’ll be able to learn all about it over on her blog Stitch it Mama!

This month Steph used:steph2steph




Tina 1


Tina is @missdaisypatterns on Instagram.

This month Tina has brilliantly put together a FREE pattern and tutorial on how to make this adorable hanging mobile! Click through to find out how to do it yourself now!

This month Tina used:




Zoe is @floralandfeather on Instagram.

This month Zoe picked up the round weaving loom and some perfect coloured Natura cotton yarn to weave with! A few of the girls picked weaving this month! Its such a cosy, snuggly craft to do for Autumn and they’ve given us the bug too. Find out the 5 things Zoe learnt whilst weaving in the round over on her blog right now!

This month Zoe used:








Dominique is @dominique.major on Instagram.

Dominique is our Queen of sweet trendy dressmaking, and this month is no exception! She chose to create the beautiful Martha from Tilly and the Buttons. Brilliant! Dominque has her own blog and YouTube channel where you can keep up with all her adventures!

This month Dominque used:dommajordom




Lou (1)


Lou is @imstudiolou on Instagram.

This month Lou made some gorgeous ombre cushions with this fabric and  leopard print binding! Genius! We can’t get over how cool this looks. Meow! Find out exactly how she did it over on her blog, I’m Studio Lou, right now!

This month Lou used:louimstudiolou







Kristi is @delightfullykristi on Instagram.

Kristi has given herself a challenge this month! We won’t spoil her plans but the photos are a clue. She’s also having a go at weaving, which we can’t wait to see!

This month Kristi used:kristiimg_0932






Maria is @fairiesbubblesco on Instagram.

Lovely Maria is just so cool its crazy. This month she’s going to make a beautiful cosy shirt for herself out of this beautiful brushed cotton. Check out her blog right now for her how-to! Everything feels so high end on there, its such a brilliant take on dress making, we love it!

This month Maria used:mariafairiesbubblesco







Rudy is @roodles_runique on Instagram.

Rudy is famous for choosing the most amazing fabrics for her sewing projects. And this months is NO exception. Shes currently in a pickle about which colour banding to use though! Head over to her Instagram now to give her a hand, and stay tuned for her final dress coming very soon! We shall update this post when its all done.

This month Rudy used: rudyroodlesrunique





Chloe is @cotton_clara on Instagram.

This month Chloe also cast her own individual style on the incredibly addictive craft of weaving! She added some really gorgeous embellishments by adding something a bit different in the form of the pom pom and bobble trimmings – genius! Check out her blog post now to see exactly how she created this absolutely adorable woven bag.

This month Chloe used: chloe chloe2


If you have no idea what’s going on here, head to the blog post where we introduced everyone a few weeks ago. And stay tuned to our social medias for more on the upcoming projects!

Toodle pip!

We’ve been nominated for The British Craft Awards 2017

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We are INCREDIBLY excited to announce that we have been nominated by the Immediate Media Team (the girls and guys behind Simply Sewing and Mollie Makes magazines) to win Sewing Retailer of the Year at The British Craft Awards! Eee! Isn’t that amazing? We are so so chuffed.

You can vote in The British Craft Awards right now by heading to their website and clicking your faves in each category question. We’re right at the end of the SEWING category.

Click the link below and click “Sewing” to find our question! 😀 Thanks in advance!

If you’re a UK resident you’ll also get the chance to enter the prize draw for a chance to win big! They have a total of £500 Amazon vouchers up for grabs! Voting closes at 11.59pm on Tuesday 20th December 2016 and will be announced at the CHSI Stitches show in February.

Wish us luck!

>>> <<<